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Logo IGTThe Institute of Thermal Engineering works closely with the economic sector in many areas of industrial and building energy, with a particular focus on energy efficiency and renewable energy. The IGT Institute offers industrial solutions with the goals of efficiency and respect for the environment.

Head of the Institute

Nicolas Weber
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Project examples

Xyloclean project

With an aim to reduce polluting emissions, a smoke filtering device, constructed from components used for decontamination in diesel engines, was tested on a wood-burning stove with staged combustion.

Torrefied wood pellets for the production of heat and electricity

The objective of the C-TOP project is to evaluate the performance of a new type of fuel, prepared with torrefied wood pellets, and to compare several types of pellets for their physico-chemical properties.

Main research areas

Laboratory of Thermal Processes

Training, support, inspection and expertise in industrial heat containment and associated techniques such as combustion, water treatment, compressed air, etc.
The objective is to assist the designer, installer and operator to ensure otimum functioning of the installation, while also garanteeing the efficiency, quality and safety, and in respect for the environment.

Prof. Nicolas Weber, Head of the IGT Institute, manager of LPTherm unit

Industrial Thermics and Systems (TiS)

- Heat transfer, artificial cold production, heat pumps, and multi-functional fluids (ice slurry, CO2 hydrate slurries, and phase change materials PCM.
- On-line measurement of thermo physical characteristics of multifunctional fluids: enthalpy, viscosity, thermal conductivity, heat transfer coefficient, density, etc.

Prof. Osmann Sari, manager TiS unit

Modelling and Thermic Simulation 

- Modeling and industrial simulation of thermic systems
- Simulation of nonlinear systems
- Development of new numerical models
- Fluid dynamics,Thermodynamics, industrial processes and building technology

Peter Egolf, manager SiT unit


Industrial Systems in Bioenergy

- Drying, torrefaction, pyrolysis, combustion
- Multigeneration: electricity, heat, cold, fuels
- Dust filtration
- Anaerobic digestion (organic wastes)
- Development of sensors and measurement methods: automation of thermal prossesses, thermal and optical sensors

The laboratory is equipped with combustion systems with different powers, heat treatment furnaces and equipment for measuring pulluting emissions.

Jean-Bernard Michel, manager SiB


The Laboratory of Solar Energy and Building Physic properties

- Development of solutions for the construction and renovation of buildings that offer high energy and environmental performance.
- Development and optimization of solar systems (heating, refrigeration and air-conditioning)
- Dynamic simulations of buildings, and very complex HVAC and solar systems
- Measurement of the energy performance of buildings
- Standards such as Minergie, Minergie-P and Minergie-ECO
- Environmental impact of construction materials
- Support for professionals in eco-construction

Stéphane Citherlet, head of Lesbat unit