Institute of Micro and Nano Technologies

Extremely small things for great applications

One institute,
26 employees,
2 main research areas

Logo MNTThe Institute for Micro & Nano Technologies offers services for product and concept development in conjunction with its own applied research. It also offers consulting services and training. The Institute is active in the domains of the extremely small dimensions, low power consumption and more generally the emerging technologies of physics.
Application areas include, for example, medical and biomedical fields, consumer products, motor car, cybernetic and embedded systems.

Head of the Institute

Fouad Rahali

+41 (0)79 458 81 01

A need, an idea, a project?

Main research areas

Laboratory of Electronics and Microelectronics (MNT-LEMI)

The MNT-LEMI is active in research and development of electronics and microelectronics within embedded systems and microsystems with low power or ultra low power characteristics. There are many applications in consumer, industrial and biomedical electronics.

Laboratory for Applications of Physics and Emerging Technologies (MNT-LAPTE)

The MNT-LAPTE designs and builds new devices, based on promising emerging technologies that meet clearly-defined industrial and societal needs. Applied Research and Development (ARD) concentrates in these areas: high efficiency lighting by microwave excitation of a molecular plasma, nanostructured thermoelectric generators, rapid temperature micro-sensor, biocompatible bidirectional flow meter, cold cathode RX generator, carbon nanotubes, electron beam generator, nano-cryptographic key, micromachining of glass by soft air jet abrasion.   

To be selected,  the new technologies must meet the specifications required by the industry while respecting various environmental and ethical criteria necessary for the survival of our civilisation.