Institute of Design, Materials, Packing and Packaging

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One institute,
33 employees,
4 main research areas

Logo COMATECThe Institute of Design, Materials, Packing and Packaging is divided into 4 research units each containing one or more areas of expertise and laboratories. These laboratories network and the Institute is able to handle all requests comprehensively, from the study stage through implementation.

Head of the Institute

Jean-Pascal Reymondin
+41 (0)24 557 63 36

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Main research areas

COMATEC-CO: Mechanical and Micro-technology Design

The research engineers of this research unit are active in mechanical design, analysis of mechanical structures and micro-technology design.

COMATEC-LEC: Packing and Packaging

The Packing and Packaging Laboratory is active in the fields of gas, water vapour and aromas permeability, migration in packing materials, active and intelligent packaging, characterization and design of packing.

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COMATEC-MAT: Materials, Stress analysis, Non-destructive Testing

Science and Engineering of Material: tension-compression-flex testing, hardness measurements, Charpy testing, heat treatments, metallographic preparations, optical microscopy, corrosion testing and fatigue testing.

Non-destructive testing of materials: visual inspections, penetrant testing, magnetic testing, ultrasonic testing, eddy current testing, radiographic testing (X-ray), Bond testing, acoustic emission and technical assistance.

Assembly methods: self-piercing riveting, vacuum furnace brazing, induction brazing, clinching, orbital and radial riveting and spot welding.

COMATEC-LI3C: Engineering of Design, Construction, 3D CAD/CAM

The laboratory for engineering of design, construction and 3D CAD/CAM operates in three strategic areas:
•    Improve methods and technologies of industrial machinery designers
•    Embed a holistic concept for optimizing product aspects including methodological, technological, social, and environmental: PLM (Product Lifecycle Management)
•    Establish exchanges with other schools in Switzerland and abroad

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