Health, Engineering & Economics Group

A transversal group
25 employees,
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Health Engineering & Economics (HE&E) is a transversal group comprised of professors and researchers from various Institutes of HEIG-VD, and who have specialized skills and proven experience in the development of solutions focused on health.

HE&E is the logical continuation of the biomedical engineering group of HEIG-VD. The difference lies in the fact that the group was consolidated through an administrative and technical body covering all aspects of research & development, principally high technology, but also financial aspects, mechanical challenges, and project management issues.

The main goal of this redesign is not only able to cover a wide spectrum of research projects applied to health, but also to meet the needs of medical institutions as well as industries in the sector, promoting synergies between the areas of health, engineering and management, at the level of research and teaching.

The group works intensively with health professionals through the platform Ingénierie-Santé (Engineering-Health), a collaboration between HEIG-VD and HESAV (The University of Health Sciences).

Head of the Group

Laura Elena Raileanu
+41 (0)24 557 75 60

A need, an idea, a project?

Main research areas

Strategic & operative management
Marketing, human resources, ethics and finance
IT and mechatronic R&D
Regulation ISO 13485 / FDA / CE marking
Health related information collection and management
Medical sensing and data acquisition systems
Mobile (e.g. sports-related) health and behavior data acquisition

Project examples



Data management system for methadone substitution treatment (TBS) for heroin-addicted patients in several Swiss cantons.


Creation of software that supports therapeutic drug monitoring in blood, thus pharmacokinetics.