eMbedded Information Systems Institute

A common topic, low consumption mobile computing

One institute,
15 software engineers, 5 professors,
3 main research areas

Logo SIM Focusing on multi-modal interfaces, RF communications, meta-heuristic optimization and real-time processing, the Institute of Embedded Information Systems designs and builds embedded systems, while emphasizing low-cost solutions and system power consumption, autonomy and real-time behavior. The MIS institute is very active in the biomedical field and in workplace safety.

Head of the Institute

Claude Evéquoz
+41 (0)24 557 27 86

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Main research areas

Energy Consumption Management

Development of low power electronic systems, design at all levels (hardware and software).
Power-Aware - Energy Harvesting

Large Scale Optimization

Development of efficient methods for solving logistical problems of great complexity.
Heuristics - Decision Support - Optimization - Logistics


Human Machine Interaction

Multi-sensor systems integrating vision, acoustic and other physical measures into the existing structures of machines and objects surrounding us. This gives the machine the perception of its environment and provides users the ability to interact as intuitively as possible.
Multimodal Interaction - Motion Analysis - Cognition - Head Up Displays - Head Mounted Displays

Wireless M-2-M Communication

Development of radio communication systems with low operating cost.
Ad-hoc Sensor Networks - Synchronous Communications - Long Range Transceivers - Automatic Meter Reading - Frequency Band ISM